Dianne Angeles

STORIES Dianne Angeles As one of the models of Art Personas, Diane has been featured in Metro.Style and have been booked by several designers such as FINO Leatherware, Bata, and Candle Ray. Social Media Account of Dianne Angeles

Valentino Jaafar

STORIES Valentino Jaafar The grand winner of Face of the Philippines Cycle 5. Being booked by several designers like Chris Nick, Kwak Hyun Joo, and John Magsaysay during Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Season 9, Val is ready to accept more projects and slowly enter the world of showbiz, as well. Social Media Account of Valentino …

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Hannah Dy

STORIES Hannah Dy With such an incredible talent for modelling, she was able to do several campaigns for brands such as Young Star, Zamora PH & malaysia, Bobson Japan, corgi Station and Retro Eyewear. Social Media Account of Hannah Dy

Julia Velasquez

STORIES Julia Velasquez Julia is part of the 4th cycle of Face of the Philippines and was already able to walk the runway on Manila Fashion Festival and be booked by various designers such as Rob Ortega. Social Media Account of Julia Velasquez

Howell Medina

STORIES Howell Medina Aside from being a great artist, Howell has been booked by several designers such as Reynier Abello, Brit Tipudio, Mark Tamayo and Vin Valencia for him to showcase their works on the runway of Manila Fashion Festival. Social Media Account of Howell Medina

Carrie Mae Fajardo

STORIES Carie Mae Fajardo Aside from being a frequent request for Manila Fashion Festival. She has also been booked by designers like Daryl Maat, Jinggay Serag, and Junjun Ablaze. Social Media Account of Carie Mae Fajardo

kath Asuncion

STORIES Kath Asuncion Kathlyn has had various campaigns and bookings for designers after joining Face of the Philippines. She has worked for Human Clothing, Preview Magazine, and several designers such as Hazel Roldan, Fino, and Jun Escario. Social Media Account of Kath Asuncion

Mariah Jowett

STORIES Mariah Jowett Being part of the campaigns of S_M Youth and Fino, Mariah has had her fair share on the modelling industry. She has become a staple on the Manila Fashion Festival a designer’s favourite, as well. Social Media Account of Mariah Jowett

Carla Hufano

STORIES Carla Hufano As another regular participant of Manila Fashion Festival, Carla has campaigned for multiple brands such as Fino and Gyle. She has been booked by various designers, as well. Social Media Account of Carla Hufano

Erika Narvaez

STORIES Erika Narvaez She has walked for Manila Fashion Festival and Bench Fashion weekly. Erika was also booked by various designers such as OJ Hofer, Esme, KC Pusing, and Benjie Panizales. Social Media Account of Erika Narvaez